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Allimarie -

1) "Hold on a second, I'm searching for the truth...I know it's in here somewhere...!"

2) "...and for my next trick, I will pull real human ova right out of this drawer!" (Oooh, Aaah...)

Foxglove -

...Cue the music...

You put your hand pull your hand out. You put your hand in...and you poke it all about.

Linda61 - "Sculleeeeeeeeeeeeee! Found your teeth!!"

Melphleg - "Aaaahhgg! Sculleee! Stop biting me! I didn't mean it when i said you were so short you could fit in the filing cabinet!!"

Obfusc8er - "The first and last time Mulder attempted to prove that his partner could fit inside the filing cabinet."

Pattie -

1) MULDER: "Sculll-eeeee!!!"

SCULLY: Omigod, Mulder! I forgot to tell you I moved the files around, and that's where I put the rat trap. And what are you doing reaching into those things backwards, anyway? Showing off?"

2) There was a guy named Mulder- Went searching for a folder He went in backwards And said some cuss words That clumsy Agent Mulder!

3) SCULLY (voiceover): It was the drugs that had a confused Mulder doing everything backwards. But it was kind of nice watching him waiver from his mundane routine. I had feared he would be caught on film. Good thing I loaded the camera.

Satchie - "Scully, remember when you told me to put that file where the sun doesn’t shine?"

Truthwebothknow1 -

1) "Agggggghhh Oh Hell...I just been attacked by the Non fat toffutti rice dreamsicle Scully hid in this drawer!!"

2) "Ack theres something sticky in here."

Vickie - "Scully! I told you the Flukeman file was in here! It just bit me!!"

Weatherfreak89 - "I told you, Scully, that little green men lived in the filling cabnet and was raiding my stash of sunflower seeds."

Xphylia - Mulder: "I *know* I left one of my good videos here... AUCH!! Sculleeee...!!"

Scully: "Stop whining, Mulder. I told you those videos were going to give you a sore hand!"


A euphemism that has nothing to do with actual torture, but refers to Chris Carter's propensity for damaging Mulder in various ways that allowed Scully to comfort him. H/C, MT, SC.



May 17, 2004

This month our fabulous winner is Valerie(PoorMulder) with an amazing fic, Beneath the Depths of the Earth. Well done Valerie! MT!!!

Go read and Vote.     


       Only just over a month until the June fic deadline. "All at sea" Theme. We have a few already but would love more! Due by 15th June.

Check out our contest page for all the details and rules.




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