The Golden Gurney Awards


"Do you want to kick my little pan dulce?"

-- One of the many MR chats, 2003


Are your fingers twitching to write Mulder & Scully fanfiction?

Or are you constantly looking for new, exciting fics?

Do you like Muldertorture, Angst, Profiling, whatever?

Then look no further!


Now you can find all this and more on Mulder's Refuge! Join our monthly fic contest and challenges now and find three-hundred + kindred spirits.


These are the next few months upcoming  fanfic contests:

        May 2005   *When other Agents go  bad* Challenge.

April 2005

*Fear phobias and frustrations *


Your cup runneth over with various scrapes and difficulties our favorite FBI agents may encounter and have to use their wits and ingenuity to get over these fears phobias and frustrations. Plenty of scope for good writing here. Casefiles, MSR, MT , whatever you like in that loose theme margin.

 Use your imaginations for this one. It will be a lot of fun.



March 2005


Its a little bit A team, its a little bit Mcguyver, its a little bit crash and burn if Mulder is involved. Have fun putting him to sticky situations he has to summon up his ingenuity to claw himself out of crappy things and nice bloody life threatening stuff and mishaps. Oodles of scope for heroic Mulder getting out of trouble while suffering lots of bodily distress hehehe. Have fun. You know you want to!!!! Bring on the Scully comfort. Poor baby will need it!




Next contest March


*Nessecity is the Mother of Invention?*

Write now and send your story for March to before March 15th, 2005

by the 13th if you need a beta service. Thanks.






 We only had one story submitted this moth. I ahve showcased it and have added five previous winners for this months reading pleasure. No Vote this month! Juts read and Enjoy. Click below for Rules page and link to stories.



Don't forget that the Stories are due in for the longer fic 45-120k challenge by March 15th


Send to the usual email address.


Click below to access the LONGER FIC stories that came in for November.

A new long story contest soon. 

January 2005 winner:

Vickie Moseley's  "And a bottle of Rum" is our excellent winner this month with great MT and a soggy, painful adventure for poor Mulder.



Big Thanks Donnaj and Lisa for taking time out of your busy lives to make all these excellent creative personal banners for our winners. 


The winners of the previous contests

- April 2003: Humbuggie's Life on Mars

- May 2003: Polly's The Wolfman Cometh

- June 2003: TJ's Silent as the Grave

- November 2003:  Xtreme Unction's Random Priorities

- December 2003: Humbuggie's Ten Little Dust Bunnies went to an Island

- January 2004: Humbuggie's Perfidiosus

- February 2004: Jenna's Order in the Court

- March 2004: Sally Bahnsen's Two Strong Hearts

- April 2004: Poormulder's (Valerie) Beneath the Depths of the Earth

-May 2004 Poormulder's The fractured sky  

Joint winner Stellardust's Fox Mulder and the terrible, horrible no good very bad day 

-June 2004 Foxglove's The Forsaken

-July 2004  Waddles52 Fruit, friendship and WC.Fields

_August winner  N&N's  Augury

-September 2004 winner Truthwebothknow1 Natiruvaaq

-October 2004 winner Poormulder's Welcome to my Nightmare

-November 2004 Winner Skinful's Color me embarrassed.

-December 2004 Winner Linda6's1 Tracks of my Tears

-January  2005 Winner Vickie Moseley's And a bottle of Rum

Take a look below at the wonderful collage DonnaJ has made for us! 

Mulder's Refuge also organizes several challenges.


Please check the forum's "ER-X" for participation!



Our rules of participation

You are invited to write a short story between 5K and 40K (txt format) before the 30th of each month. We allow some latitude in the size of the story, but don't write a 100K story either! The story will then be uploaded on this website. There will be links on the Mulder Refuge website to this page. 

The story has to be written and sent ONLY in attach, in TXT-format to mailto:muldersrefuge', before the 13th of each month. We will soon announce a list of themes three months beforehand, to give you plenty of time to write your story.

All the posting will be done on the website and on this forum anonymously with a standard disclaimer. You will also have to rate the story as you would do any other fanfiction. The story may not be posted anywhere else before the winner of that month is announced. Then you can post it to all archives you prefer. The winning story will be kept on this website for future reference.

We allow all genres, except for slash and "next gen" stories. Mulder's Refuge is a website that focuses on Mulder & Scully. Please bear that in mind.  NC-17 stories and Character Death stories are allowed, but please enclose this carefully in the disclaimer!

After the winner is announced, you may ask for feedback for your story on Mulder's Refuge. If you prefer not to discuss your story, please let us know.

Voting happens by email. As soon as the stories are uploaded, you have until the end of each month to send your top 3 of stories to


The Golden Gurney is an initiative of Mulder's Refuge Forum and is established and maintained by following fanfic authors: Spockdaggoo,  Melphleg, DDis2hot,  Waddles52, Truthwebothknow1, X-Phylia and forum-owners Vickie Moseley and dtg.




 All characters featured in these fanfiction stories belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. We are merely borrowing them to write these fabulous stories :). No infringement intended.



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