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TITLE: Choices
FEEDBACK: Yes, please.
DISTRIBUTION: OK to Gossamer, Ephemeral, MiJ,
MSR Fanfic Cheerleaders.
CATEGORIES: VRA -- Vignette, Romance, Angst.
KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully UST. 
DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully belongs to Chris
SUMMARY: Mulder reflects about the deal at Scully's

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

I sat down quietly beside a sleeping Scully. It was well 
past visiting hours, but I needed to see her. 

She was in her hospital bed - and all I wanted was to gaze 
at her and savor the precious time that I had left with 

The last several days had been an emotionally draining 
experience for the both of us, to say the least. All I 
could think about was the deal that the Smoking Man had 
given me earlier that day. He presented me with the 
intriguing prospect of joining him. He'd had given me 
almost everything that I desired throughout my life: my 
long-lost sister, the cure for Scully's cancer, and 
information about extraterrestrial life.

I had two choices, both good and bad, which could give me 
varying results. One path could lead me astray and the 
other could bring me love and happiness. I knew that if I 
accepted the Smoking Man's offer I would go against 
everything Scully and I had stood for the past 5 years. The 
very thought brought tears to my eyes; I knew that I would 
never forgive myself if anything happened to Scully if I 
entered the dark realm of the Smoking Man's treachery. I 
couldn't do his dirty work; Scully would never listen to me 
- or forgive me.

As the tears slipped down my cheeks, I made my choice. I 
knew this felt right. I wasn't taking any deal. I just 
hoped that I was doing the right thing for the both of us.

The End