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The Tortured Soul
Written by: ?

Category: Angst

Written for the Mulder's refuge June challenge

Disclaimer: Fox and CC own the characters and X files.

The night frightened him the most. He remembered how it was on the ship with the 
darkness surrounding him. He never told her that the dark scared him now. There was no 
use in denying it anymore - he was tortured. When he was on the ship, he went through all 
kinds of tests that were so painful that he screamed at top of his lungs.

Now he knew that he would always remember the faceless beings hovering over him. He 
would always remember the sharp blade cutting through layers of skin, almost directly through 
the bone, while another piercing scream echoed through his prison. He wished these 
memories would leave. He wished that it would disappear into the light of the day, but it 
only returns when the night comes to call once more. 

He realizes why abductees wouldn't talk about their experiences to him in the past. Understanding vividly now the pain that they had suffered throughout the years. He now knows why 
Scully would never try to remember her own abduction; it's simply an episode that she 
never wanted to explore.

He wishes that he could rewind time and do things differently, wishing that he had 
told everyone that he wouldn't return to Bellefleur with Skinner. Instead wishing that he'd been 
at Scully's side at the hospital, her voice tinged with wonder, telling him about their unborn baby. He could only imagine the happiness and the planning of their life together would be like. 

That was the dream that soothed him, making him forget briefly that he was now an