Mulder's Refuge Challenge

Tue, March 23, 2010 10:23:47 AM






I wonder if he knows how cute he looks, sitting there like that. Dress shirt, tie just slightly askew.

Not sure about the hair though. Spiky. I think I liked it a little longer so that it fell over his forehead. But this look isn't bad on him. I think I dress well, but this guy must put a fortune into his clothes. And to think, Mulder doesn't even think twice about destroying a shirt by crawling into a sewer after a monster or two.

Of course, one look at that apartment of his lets you know he isn't putting his paycheck into his living quarters. That's for sure. Although it doesn't look bad since it's been cleaned up. I didn't even know Mulder had a bedroom. I thought he always slept on the couch. And for him to say he doesn't know where the waterbed came from. Come on, does he really think I'd fall for that?

I know Mulder thinks he drives me nuts.  What he doesn't realize is the difficulty of not letting on how I truly feel about him. That would never do. I thought I would die the day we were in the office talking and a pencil hit him on the head.

Looking up, I was amazed to see dozens of Ticonderoga Number 2 pencils embedded into the ceiling. He gave me that wounded puppy look and I had to go check out the "wound." And as much as he says *I* drive him nuts, he can't seem to do without me, as with the pencil attack. Every time I take a vacation he calls me with some lame excuse for me to come back to him.

Mulder is his own man, yet he brings out the maternal instinct in me, and that makes me want to take care of him. Not that he'd *really* let me. Nope, not Mr. Independent.

At least I think our boss has stopped trying to make me keep him under control. Which is good. I don't enjoy being in trouble, even if it is my own fault for following Mulder  into his quests. I've been ditched so many times, and there is just no way my partner is gonna do what I want him to do, consequences be damned.

I think there are times when A.D. Skinner would like to just take him over his knee and wear him out, and if he ever did he could sell tickets and retire. And yet that partner of mine can be so caring and loving at times. I'll never forget having to tell him about my cancer. Mulder's solemn declaration of "I refuse to accept that" was just so ... and I know he is responsible for the cancer going into remission. Whatever that thing is, putting it back in my neck cured me. He did that for *me*. That much I know for sure.

Mulder has asked me to marry him. But he was so stoned on pain killers I'm not sure if it was him asking or the drugs. If he asks again he's in for a huge surprise because I would say yes.

I've been in love with Fox Mulder for a very long time....


I know she's looking at me. Again. I wonder what I've done this time. Although she doesn't seem mad at me. We had a nice lunch, and, with nothing more pressing than bringing our paper work up to date, it's been a pretty dull day. I even managed to have all the receipts I needed for the expense account. Yes, there was that discussion on not doing reports with wadded receipt slips with scribbling on them. However, those were all there, for a change. And Scully even congratulated me on that. So, no, she's definitely not mad at me. But, I simply cannot stop looking at her...

I wish she would let her hair grow out again. She does look more professional with the shorter bob, but I miss the ponytail. Makes her look like a teenager; probably one of the reasons for the change. Scully said it was easier for her to deal with her hair short, and helps to keep the frizz down. My opinion is she could have done the same thing by pulling it back and up.

Not that my opinion counts with her.

I'd love to talk her into wearing something other than those awful pantsuits she wears. Yuck, what could she be thinking? Scully is just too short for them and looks like she's walking around in a box. Not that I'd tell her that; I'd be missing some essential male parts if I ever mentioned that to her. She *does* know how to wield a scalpel, you know.

I keep my mouth firmly shut when it comes to giving my Scully fashion hints. However, I did notice that her style is getting softer, and the blouses, at least, more feminine. The smattering of freckles across her nose is so cute. She's not beautiful in the classical sense; cute fits her better. And smart. Man, is my Scully smart! I know my I.Q. is up there, but so is hers. And I can talk to her, on any level and about almost anything. Yes, she shoots down my ideas. Makes me work to make scientific sense of things.

But Scully gives me the benefit of proving myself and what I'm talking about. Not just chalking me up to be "spooky," or worse, crazy. She listens.

Well, most of the time.

I actually asked Scully to marry me. She walked out in a huff. She thought I was stoned out of my mind. But I wasn't. I really do love her. And someday, maybe soon, I'm gonna ask again. And this time I'll do it right.

I sure hope my Scully says yes.